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Introduction Laura Hofman

By March 14, 2019 March 15th, 2019 Blog, News

Meet our creatives!

Laura Hofman is a local promoter who founded an independent Rotterdam based live platform King Sepi on 2013. After initially focusing on Finnish artists, Hofman – a Finland native living in Holland for 11 years – now books and organizes intimate live shows by artists who typically harness an unconventional, outlier creative streak that isn’t easily pigeonholed.

King Sepi is a place where exciting bands, both home and abroad, often enter the Rotterdam circuit for the first time. In addition, it puts strong emphasis on devious music from Dutch soil, convening both the local and global elements towards an exciting, unpretentious house show atmosphere, one that fuels the whims of artists who are willing to take risks on stage. King Sepi events are flexible location-wise, having orchestrated shows in Roodkapje Rotterdam,WORM Rotterdam and MIR.

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