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I'm a creative with a versatile skill set of the overall design process in advertising and UX/UI. My strengths are intellectual curiosity, efficiency and problem solving. I love diving deep in new projects and I am enthusiastic and passionate about learning new things. I like precision, linearity and clarity. I like fantasy taking shape. I like anything that is new, creative and revolutionary.
Since 2011 I help companies from all around Europe to grant their own wishes. www.mybitdesign.com


Call us at +31 (0)10 8208568 or send us an email at [email protected]

Laura Hofman

King Sepi is an independent Rotterdam-based live platform, founded in 2013 by local promoter Laura Hofman. After initially focusing on Finnish artists, Hofman – a Finland native living in Holland for 11 years – now books and organizes intimate live shows by artists who typically harness an unconventional, outlier creative streak that isn’t easily pigeonholed.

Bound Centre


Bound Centre is a collective, label and club night rising out of the gutters of Rotterdam. Aspiring to provide a new soundtrack to the contemporary reality of the city, Bound Centre’s members fuse scenes, genres and ideology to take club culture in Rotterdam to a new level. Their club nights at Roodkapje have shown that the collective's mix of sounds and influences is one to take very seriously.

Amy de Bruijn
Jessica Neeckx

Girls go BOOM is girls putting girls on stage.

Out of personal frustration of not only seeing so few girls perform, but also as part of the audience at gigs, we pulled a Kathleen Hanna-move and called girls to the front.

Girls go BOOM shows that yes, girls do make music & art, even more, the kick ass doing so.

Let the girls take over!

Merel Goedhart

Next to be the manager at FLAWED, I am currently still doing a Master program at the Erasmus University studying the relation between the arts and society. Doing this study in combination with FLAWED opened a whole new world for me, filled with amazing experiences and learning opportunities. Additionally, I will also dive a little deeper in the production side of events for Girls go BOOM and Pink Pank.

Sharon Vos

Graphic Design graduate (Willem de Kooning Academy, 2016) with a specialization in social- and service design. Followed a 6 month course in social entrepreneurship after my study, and I have 1,5 years of studio experience (Research and Design). I'm working as a freelance graphic-, service- and strategic designer since september 2018. Working at FLAWED Creatives as Head of Design.

My personal portfolio is currently under construction www.sharonvos.nl

Website URL: http://flawed.works
Samiha Awad

Other than being the Founder of FLAWED. My personal work revolves around collaborations between collectives, mentoring creatives and provide production and curatorial expertise for all around cultural organizations.

Present work:
- Managing Girls go BOOM
- Managing Director of HardHeaderz
- Mama bear to KONTRA

Razvan Isac

Raz here. Hola

Website URL: https://hola.cool